Concentration camp sex stories

22-Sep-2017 00:21

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A moment of hope and humanity in a world of torture and abuse.

Hours later the prisoner was dead, poisoned at the hands of the woman who had befriended her, just another statistic of Ravensbruck, Hitler’s concentration camp for women.

Simons says: “There was one woman who was French who had the surname Churchill."The Germans thought she might be related to Winston Churchill although in fact she wasn’t."They gave her a terrible time, including taking her to the gas chamber and pretending to execute her.“There was another German, I think she was the cook, who used to spend her days off going to look at all these women who were suffering and laughing at them."It gave her pleasure.“Many of the women were forced to be sterilised – those who were mothers had their babies taken away – they weren’t even allowed to breastfeed them.”There were seven separate war crimes trials connected to the six years of savagery at Ravensbruck camp.

Many were doctors and nurses who participated in the medical experiments and oversaw the systematic murder of thousands of prisoners.

Others were the cruellest overseers and guards or SS staff who had been trained at Ravensbruck before “graduating” and moving to other camps.

Many received the death sentence and were executed.

Ravensbruck’s camp doctor Walter Sonntag carried out experiments on ways to treat venereal diseases, deliberately infecting women with syphilis.

Meanwhile 75 of the youngest and fittest women had their legs deliberately infected with dirt, glass and bacteria to mimic war wounds, and were used as guinea pigs in a series of experiments involving forced bone transplants and amputations.

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Judith retired in 1985 but carried on contributing to the Express for another 15 years.Minor sabotage was possible as they worked on rocket components, although the punishment for anyone caught was severe.

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