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"Look for something, find something else." The Accidental News Explorer, a news discovery app for i Phone by Brendan Dawes, who, incidentally, will be playing Joshua Davis in the Friday's live Layer Tennis match. Every errant shot, Every block, formation and goal- every moment of every 2010 Champions League brought to life in a stunning new way." Totally cool and sure to preoccupy BB for some time, the Adidas Match Tracker. "This barrier to entry means that you can't really dabble in audio storytelling. Really good so far but more wooden slats would be appreciated. "The two videos below show the traffic to on June 25, 2009: the day that the singer Michael Jackson died. Quite simply, I've grabbed about 2,000 photos in each location from Flickr, determined the dominant color in each, mapped those colors, and interpolated liberally." Via Flowing Data.

You have to commit on day one." Monle, a mobile non-linear editor for the i Phone and i Pod touch. The 24-hour period is compressed into a little over a minute and a half." Kaboom. On the Origin of Species, the preservation of favoured traces, a visual data experiment analyzing how the text of Darwin's book evolved over its six editions. Created by Ben Fry, who writes more about the project here.

The magazi It aims to convey the value of our brands, conceptually linking them to the idea of quality and excellence.

Quipsologies says so long after an admirable record of unearthing interesting, mostly design-related stuff. " programmer and poet Adam Parrish set out to tweet every word in the English language in alphabetical order, amassing 95,000 followers along the way.

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What is to prevent me from believing in the dream of the theater when I believe in the dream of reality?

Behavior's Michael Surtees is up first, and we had him build a weather app in three hours." Things Magazine may very well be "a matchbox within a shoebox tucked into a drawer at the back of a bureau in a locked box room at the end of an upstairs corridor." But that doesn't make it any less valuable or appreciated.