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This final prediction should not to be taken as an admission of failure before even starting, but, and this is especially true of poetry, as a realistic and rather welcomed outcome, for in the famous words of Giacomo Leopardi il naufragar m è dolce in questo mare.

Similar to the journey ventured by Ahab and crew, the pursuit of Emilio Villa verges on madness.

First, critics have chosen to separate Villa s different artistic interests, as well as the various languages he employs.

Here, instead, I show how everything Villa did was interrelated: no matter the activity or language he engaged, he searched to harness the creative force of the verbum naturans, the original linguistic act.

Second, Villa s texts were printed by small publishing houses throughout Italy, and are for the most part unavailable today.

By offering both the originals and their English translations, this edition makes his works accessible to an international audience.

His poems encompass modern and ancient languages, including Milanese, Italian, French, English, Latin, Greek, Sumerian, and Akkadian.

The present study seeks to address two major issues concerning his works.

He is also a co-translator, with Lucia Re, of the futurists novels Una donna con tre anime (A Woman with the Souls) by Rosa Rosà, which appeared in the California Italian Studies Journal in 2011, and the forthcoming Un ventre di donna (A Woman s Womb) by Enif Robert.

ii Section 2, Emilio Villa in the Landscape of 20 th Century Poetry, inserts the poet within the 20 th century canon, comparing his work to that of his Italian contemporaries, as well as to that of international poets, such as Ezra Pound and the members of Noigandres in Brazil.

My findings demonstrate that Villa s poetic experiments anticipated many of those carried out by individual writers or entire groups.

UCLA UCLA Electronic Theses and Dissertations Title Emilio Villa: Poet of Biblical Proportions.

A Dissertation and Translation Permalink Author Siracusa, Dominic Edward Publication Date Peer reviewed Thesis/dissertation Powered by the California Digital Library University of California UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Los Angeles Emilio Villa: Poet of Biblical Proportions A Dissertation and Translation A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree Doctor of Philosohpy in Italian by Dominic Edward Siracusa 2014 ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION Emilio Villa: Poet of Biblical Proportions A Dissertation and Translation by Dominic Edward Siracusa Doctor of Philosophy in Italian University of California, Los Angeles, 2014 Professor Luigi Ballerini, Chair Emilio Villa ( ) was a poet, visual artist, translator, critic and Bible scholar.

The Sampling of Things to Come includes a passage from Villa s unpublished translation of Genesis.

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