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Disappointingly, Ghost Talker's Daydream turned out to be a series that matches up with the latter.Right at the start you're greeted with the sight of Misaki, the main character and spiritual medium of the story, sitting naked in a bathhouse.Instead of a full time parapsychologist, the main character is a Dominatrix.Misaki Saiki is a somewhat likeable character but has quite a few rough edges. In this fancifully-titled anime miniseries, Misaki Saiki is a woman who is able to see and channel spirits, and acts as a medium investigating supernatural phenomena.Not that I minded that or the large amount of nudity, but it didn't gel with the main plot and seemed oddly tacked on.

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GHOST TALKER'S DAYDREAM contains sexual content - though not terribly explicit - and is recommended for teens and up. The series was always going to be one of two types: a supernatural thriller that delves into the dark side of human nature, using S&M as a way of highlighting the depraved minds of humans, or a silly ghost story that attempts to be dark but isn't able to do so thanks to an endless stream of perverse jokes and fan service.It's a shame that the S&M side seemed to only be there as an excuse to get Misaki into kinky leather outfits...